Tom Mohler, CEO, Ocean Holdings
Tom Mohler is CEO of Ocean Holdings, which includes the companyís owned and operated companies: Ocean Communications, Olympusat, Inc., Ocean Distribution, Ocean New Media and Hatch Entertainment. Under Ocean Communications, Tom built the company into the largest independent distributor of cable networks with programming contracts and inventory totaling more than 60 million homes to date. Combining his unique understanding of the needs of independent networks, Tom began Olympusat, Inc., which owns and operates nine TV cable networks and is the first company of its kind in the media industry offering such independent cable networks vertical integration by providing transport, distribution and advertising services through a single, independent company. Under the Olympusat umbrella there are a slate of 11 Spanish-language channels, four English-language emerging networks and 16 Faith & Families services. Prior to starting Ocean Communications and Olympusat, Tom held positions with Comcast Cable, TCI and Continental Cable.

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Chuck Mohler, Executive Vice President
Chuck Mohler is intricately involved in the day-to-day operations of Ocean Communications and a part of the leadership team managing the Untamed Sports TV network for Olympusat, Inc. His responsibilities include driving distribution and program acquisitions for the network during its early stages. Chuck joined Ocean Communications in 1998 and structured the new company with his brother Tom Mohler. He was instrumental in launching the companyís infomercial network, TV Superstore, and drove distribution and sales for the network. He became a member of the Board of Directors for Ocean in 2000. Prior to that Chuck worked for U.S. Representative John Boehner (OH-8), both in Ohio and on Capitol Hill. In addition to acting as Untamed Sports TVís COO, Chuck continues to manage most of Ocean Communicationsí operations and is the key contact for Oceanís major clientele.

Kim Reed Fragione, Chief Operating Officer
With over 15 years of experience in the industry, Kim oversees key facets of network development including distribution and managing video provider and network partner relationships. As a business developer, she manages the companyís linear and non-linear business. This includes transactional and traditional programming as well as owned and operated networks. Kim is directly responsible for revenue sources, strategic partnerships and maximizing distribution goals. Prior to Ocean Communications/ Olympusat, Kim worked for Comcast Cable, Pepsi Winnerís Circle and national sponsor driven programming and syndicated series. Kim graduated with a Bachelors of Science degree in Telecommunications from the University of Florida.

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Eric Bressler, Vice President of Technical Operations
As Vice President of Technical Operations, Eric is the companyís leading technical liaison between the Olympusat offices in West Palm Beach and uplink facilities in Atlanta, GA. Eric is Olympusatís main conduit with industry technicians from around the world, and handles all incoming technical inquiries. He also runs the technical support center for Olympusatís affiliate operators, including offering technical recommendations and handling all crisis management related to technical operations. Prior to Olympusat, Eric worked for Comcast Communications for 10 years in several areas within head-end operations including Advertising Sales Engineering, Video Production and Field Operations. In addition to critical field experience, Ericís industry training includes Motorola/General Instrumentsí DigiCipher II Uplink Training, ITT Technical Institute; completion of Video Production Training from the National Cable Television Institute and SeaChange International Engineering Training.

Mark Bradley, Vice President of Affiliate Operations
With several years of experience in programming, commercial and advertising research, Mark joined the affiliate staff of Ocean Communications in 1999. Since his tenure with Ocean, Mark is a key, senior member of the team that is responsible for distribution of the Ocean networks, including conducting analysis on the various ongoing marketing campaigns, contract management, media planning, and cost analysis of network distribution. Recently having been promoted to Vice President of Affiliate Operations, Mark continues to oversee the day to day distribution of Oceanís traditional and transactional television networks for the Eastern half of the United States. Prior to joining Ocean, Mark worked in the programming and research department as a media planner for IPSOS-ASI, a global advertising research company.

Rick Sellars, VP Network Development and Distribution
Mr. Sellars began his media career in 1990, designing media campaigns, writing and producing hundreds of local commercials for AT&T of Miami, one of the largest cable operators at the time. Entrepreneurial in spirit, he operated a successful ad agency beginning in 1995, specializing in local and national television advertising and began to focus attention on direct response promotions.

Rick joined Ocean Communications in itís infancy in 1998 and helped establish Ocean as one of the largest and most efficient distributors of transactional networks in the U.S. With over 20 years of media experience in advertising, network distribution and production, Rick is a direct liaison between network programmers and media venues, managing and coordinating strategic distribution of Oceanís vast portfolio of full and part time transactional networks.

Mr. Sellars presently is Vice President of Network Development and Distribution for Ocean Communications. In his spare time, he is proactive in organizing charity events and raising donations for Make-A-Wish and the Humane Society.